Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another Day in Paradise well in my world more like hell

So my days get worse! My manager is a bitch! My husband is a fucking mental mess and I am drained and exhausted from all the drama at home and at work! My body feels as though someone tied every muscle into a knot! I dread each new day because I know it comes with more stress and pain. Injustice want To go back 3 months and change the decisions I've made, but I can't! It is time to suck it up and just survive, something I'm sick of doing! I wanna chance to live! Wasn't in the cards for me to be successful or have joy! My world turned into shit back in 2000 and it has been like living in a horrible nightmare ever since. I know I'm sane, maybe too sane! Sometimes I believe insanity is a defense mechanism I wish I possessed! Unfortunately, I was blessed with a brain that is useless!I'm still living on nothing but shear willl to survive and the hope that there truly is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow!

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